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The automotive industry in B&H has a tradition for more than 60 years, and the beginnings were related to the production of parts for Mercedes and then for Volkswagen. In B&H since 1970, the TAS Sarajevo, factory, was established as a joint venture between Volkswagen and UNIS. A large number of companies were involved in TAS supply chains and were experiencing a strong development.


Today, B&H companies are working for major global brands and the main advantages are modern factories, highly educated and competitive labour force, short delivery times due to proximity to the EU, developed industrial tradition etc. Many companies form B&H are recognized and are very important business partners for large companies in Europe. Parts of metal, plastics, textiles, rubber are manufactured and/or assembled in B&H factories. Also we must not neglect the potential of companies in B&H that make design and product development in the automotive industry.


The fact that B&H carries out more than 90% of its foreign trade with EU and CEFTA member states, it makes sense to find the simpler and more efficient solutions in the field of mutual cooperation between B&H and these associations, with the aim of removing barriers that hinder trade.


The Automobile Industry Association, which members are the companies are engaged in the production of automotive parts and components, was founded on July 20, 2016. The Group acts as a professional association within the Association of Metal and Electrical Industries of the Chamber of Economy of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main objectives of the Group''''s establishment are to further strengthen the automotive sector as one of the most important drivers of economic development in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to facilitate access to demanding foreign markets.


In case of any questions and suggestions of future cooperation, freely contact us at Automotive Industry Association (AIA) and the Chamber of Economy of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


We are at your disposal in our offices in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo and Mostar), as well as our office in Wolfsburg.


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