Facts and Figures about B&H

Basic Information About BiH


Land area: 51.209 km
Population: 3.8 (estimation)
Capital: Sarajevo
Official languages: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
Domestic Currency: Convertible mark (BAM)
(1 EUR = 1.95 KM fixed exchange rate)
GDP: 16.0 billion EUR EUR (2017)
GDP per capita: 4.572 EUR (2017)
International Telephone Code: + 387
Internet Country Code: .ba
Time Zone: Central European Time


Bosnia and Herzegovina lies in the middle region of the Balkan Peninsula.  To the north, west, and southwest it borders the Republic of Croatia, while to the east and south it borders Serbia and Montenegro.  Bosnia and Herzegovina has a small outlet to the sea spanning about 21 km of coastline at Neum.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is administratively divided into the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (51%) and the Republic of Srpska (49%).  The Federation of BiH is divided into 10 cantons, and the cantons are divided into municipalities.

The Republic of Srpska administratively divides into regions and then municipalities.  The territory of Brčko, which is under arbitration, belongs to neither the Federation of BiH nor the Republic of Srpska, dating back to the decision by the Arbitration Commission for Brčko placing it in the legal state of Bosnia and Herzegovena as an autonomous district.

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