Surtec-Eurosjaj d.o.o.

Main activity of the company Surtec-Eurosjaj d.o.o. is an acyclic coating of metal with galvanic technologies, hot galvanizing and catalytic coating. The company was founded in 1996, and after 22 years of successful operation in one location, it possesses 22 different surface protection technologies, such as galvanic galvanizing, decorative chroming, nickel plating, coppering, brassing, tempering, hot galvanizing (dipping and centrifuging) cataphoretic varnishing and others.


Today, Surtec-Eurosaj is employing 330 people of diverse qualifications in various sectors, and operates in the territory of Croatia (Eurosaj Zagreb) and Serbia (Eurosaj Cacak).


Surtec Eurosjaj is distinguished by its high quality of service, working in accordance with European standards, partnerships with customers, continuous development of technologies and capacities, ecologically conscientious business and continuous investments in  educating employees.

Metals, Iron, Steel, Aluminium, Copper
Facts and Figures
Founded in: 1996
Number of employees: 300
Clients/supplier of: Zinkteknik d.o.o., Graewe d.o.o., EMKA BOSNIA d.o.o., MAHLE Letrika d.o.o., Volkswagen, Kolektor CCL d.o.o., Elsta Mosdorfer Bosnia d.o.o., Saraj – Komerc d.o.o., Enker d.d., MANN+HUMMEL BA d.d., Bekto Precisa d.o.o.
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO TS 16949
Contact information
Address: Donje polje br.42 88400 Konjic
Phone: +387 36 712 925
E-mail: sur_tec@B&
Web site:
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